From pre-rolled tips to long papers, why we can buy and sell them legally but not smoke carefree and enjoy high times. Such hypocrisy! 

Of course, we are happy every day anew that we can sell our wonderful INSTANCE products like rolling papers and filter tips in Europe and Great Britain and give you unique moments for body and soul. And yet we ask ourselves at regular intervals: How absurd is it that we can buy and sell in Europe and the UK a variety and types of smoking products as such, king-size rolling papers, long papers, hemp papers, bleached and unbleached papers , organic and colored filter tips, pre-rolled filter tips, bongs, pipes, etc. without being disturbed – but we are not legally allowed to consume these stuff with natural marijuana?
Ok, let’s start one by one.

Statistics on cannabis use:

Legalizing cannabis is a global issue. Unfortunately!

In many countries, the discussion on this is wider than in Germany. The number of people living in countries with a fully regulated cannabis market is growing. In 1996, a referendum allowed the use of cannabis as a medicine in California, and today there are options for medical use in approximately half of the United States. In Colorado, Washington State, Alaska, and Oregon, cannabis is also permitted as a luxury food for people over the age of 21, although the licenses for production and sale have not yet been granted everywhere. At the end of 2013, the parliament in the South American country of Uruguay, led by a left-wing socialist government, decided to fully legalize cannabis. This makes Uruguay the first country in the world to completely relegate cannabis. By the way: the motto of Uruguay is “Libertad o Muerte” – freedom or death.

Drug policy:

Drug policy varies widely across Europe. In the Netherlands, cannabis has been sold to adults almost legally for decades. Spain and Belgium allow cannabis associations to differing degrees. Portugal fully decriminalized drug users more than 10 years ago. In Great Britain, similar to Germany, consumption is mostly unpunished, but possession is prohibited, although the penalties are not too severe if caught in small quantities for your consumption. It is classified as a class B drug along with amphetamines, codeine, ketamine, and barbiturates. In France, however, the use of such narcotics is prohibited by law.But in all these countries you can buy all kinds of utensils like rolling papers, bleached and unbleached cigarette papers, blunt paper, filter tips, prerolled tips, hemp papers, and other smoking products. The fact that smoking weed is prohibited and that smoking needs are legal, complicates things immensely. For a stoner, it is incomprehensible why he can buy filter tips and long papers and then have to make an effort not to be seen with red eyes. For example, while alcohol has a much worse impact on human behavior than smoking weed, it is viewed much less critically.

Obviously – this is not as easy as it is for the stoners themselves. At Instance, we firmly believe in benevolent consumption and that stoners can and want to convey good values ​​if you don’t criminalize them. Maybe that’s a bit theatrical of us, but don’t you sometimes wonder when you buy your legal pre-rolled filter tips and rolling papers that:

“If nature is illegal – maybe freedom is just a rumor?”

Yes and no. We are free. And we are living in a free world. So: shouldn’t every free person be allowed to decide for themselves whether and which drugs they want to use – if only for freedom and democratic reasons?

Marijuana’s Effects:

Cannabis is also a mind-expanding agent that strengthens thinking and questioning, as well as creativity. Perhaps this is not desirable for our society?
We at Instance believe that the risks and problems that the use of marijuana or other drugs can pose (at least in our perception) exist under legal as well as illegal conditions. They depend on various factors:

  • The types of drug
  • consumer behavior
  • The social environment

And banning cannabis only increases these problems.
For the consumer, it means entering a criminal environment, having no information about the quality of the drugs, and being criminalized. For society, the ban means above all crime and thus worries and high costs for the police and judiciary. That sucks. Right?

Cigarette papers

Solution To such a diplomatic social approach?

Wouldn’t it make much more sense to educate people about drug maturity so that young people, in particular, can come into contact with cannabis (but also alcohol and cigarettes) consciously, independently, and at the right time? Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could buy our legal papers and filter tips free of prejudice or strange looks – and instead ask the shop owner: “Wanna smoke?“…
Phew, a lot of questions.
But first: lean back, enjoy life, smoke – and do not drive.

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