INSTANCE provides some of the best smoking accessories to chill out in this adult life. We have started a setup to give some best rolling papers for the hash, tobacco, and other stuff. Looking forward to an international setup, we are soaring high to the skies to go all ends to provide some extra fine moments to chill.

Tobacco has been used by people for centuries now. Around 600 BC someone from Europe used it first and in no time it was a thing in all Spain and Native America.


instance rolling papers and filter tips


Instance hemp papers, also known as long papers, are organic and natural. Rolling papers are preferred by people because of its reasonable price and easy use. One can add whatever product in it to smoke it down. It is worth mentioning that these cigarette papers burn smoothly to the end. The unique diamond-shaped structure provides ease in folding and use. Our users have found these papers quite a refreshing addition in their lives. So one gets the following qualities in our rolling papers:

  • Diamond-shaped structure
  • Smooth burning
  • Organic hemp papers
  • No odor at all
  • Easy folding and utilization

Cigarette papers


Pre-rolled filter tips are a signature product of INSTANCE. With its creative W-folding, it works like a perfect filter for your smoking stuff. Not to mention that Instance pre-rolled tips have the narrowest diameter in the market. 6mm it is! 

INSTANCE Papes Pre-rolled Tips


Rolling papers and filter tips make a perfect combo to pass time. Take a filter tip to place at one end and roll the paper smoothly. Before pouring in the smoking material, it is needed to grind smoothly. Some people use grinders for this purpose. Mostly 1 gram is preferred to be poured in the funnel made through the rolling of the paper. light up the rolled stuff and smoke to chill out.

Instance Tips W folding


So, if you are wondering where to find a perfect package including this all stuff, then you are at the right place. INSTANCE provide an ultimate package that covers these accessories at a reasonable price. Go get your package here !!


filter tips & cigarette papers

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