• 🍁 SO RED! 36 READY TO SMOKE, BRIGHT RED AND PRE-ROLLED FILTER TIPS: Each INSTANCE box contains 36 original Instance tips in the original Instance Baked Red. These tips are pre-rolled and ready to use.
  • 🍁 SO NICE! 36 LONG PAPERS MADE OF NATURAL AND ECO-FRIENDLY HEMP PAPER: Each ready to smoke INSTANCE box contains 36 Instance long cigarette papers made from bleached hemp paper.
  • 🍁 SO SLIM! 6MM DIAMETER SLIM FILTER TIPS WITH W-FOLDING: Each ready to smoke INSTANCE packet contains 36 slim Instance tips in the original Instance Baked Red! These filters have a diameter of 6mm and a length of 20mm.
  • 🍁 SO STABLE! AND STYLISH THANKS TO THE BLOW W-FOLDING: the bright red Instance Filtertips come in the unique Blow-W-Folding, which not only ensures style and stability, they also guarantee that no tobacco gets through!
  • 🍁 SO SMART! UNBEATABLE IN A DOUBLE PACK: 36 pre-rolled filter tips meet 36 long papers made from hemp paper, for unique moments and breaks – without compromises.

Great for traveling

💜 Rae 💜 | Verified Amazon Purchase

These king size papers and filter packs are ideal for when you are out and about / traveling.
The papers are probably the same thickness as leading brands Green so extremely easy to roll and ideal for newbies. (The paper is a lot more forgiving than ultra thin papers).
When rolled the burn rate is good and burns evenly.
I love the red filter tips 😍 Just the right size for solo smoking. No material escapes through the roach.
Thanks for a great product 🙌🏻🙌🏻💚

Do exactly what they need to do and look cute doing it.

Lalaine Chicken | Verified Amazon Purchase

I love these pre rolled filters. They’re really cute, the red is a nice touch, makes me feel fancy when I smoke.

The papers are exactly the same as the usual branded ones and work just as well. No taste or smell when I used them.

Great papers

katrina ferguson-moffat | Verified Amazon Purchase

These are really easy rolling papers and they came packaged very well.
Simple and straightforward.

Couldn’t be happier

Kenny Bowers | Verified Amazon Purchase

Wasn’t sure if I’d made mistake but I happy to say I have not. Good quality and although it seems simple to make your own tips I’m forever looking for something to make them off but now I have them ready made!!

All benefits at a glance:

  • INSTANCE – the best connection for each hit
  • 36 long cigarette papers made of hemp paper + 36 bright red pre-rolled filter tips per box, ready to smoke!
  • Just as many INSTANCE papers as super slim pre-rolled filter tips
  • The classic, pre-rolled INSTANCE filter tips in the original INSTANCE Baked Red have the narrowest radius on the market with ideal filtering
  • Thanks to the strong Blow “W” fold it is not only stylish and stable, it also does not let tobacco through!
  • The original INSTANCE long papers for long cigarettes made from 100% natural hemp paper with diamond pattern burn off evenly and look really good.

Treat yourself to wonderful moments with these ready to smoke products from Instance!

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Original INSTANCE Papes
The original INSTANCE Papers, made of natural hemp paper with gallant diamond pattern, are our high class product on top. These long papes not only burn down evenly, they also look really stylish.

Pre-Rolled INSTANCE Tips
Lean back first. There is no work for you to do here. Our classic, pre-rolled INSTANCE tips in our original bright and shiny Baked Red have the narrowest diameter on the market with ideal filtering – thanks to the strong “W”-Folding. So your tip is not only stilish and stable, it also does not let tobacco go through.

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