Do Pre-rolled filter tips provide what our life demands?

A few products can match the ecstasy that rolling papers and filter tips provide!

Some people live in the moment and some people have to blaze the trail to hit one of these rare moments. Because we all rarely walk the path to our inner peace, assuming we haven’t already forgotten this path. We have so many wonderful ways to use our time every day, that we can hardly keep up. This world has developed into a troubled place – and in order to break our everyday cycles, we now have to exert enormous strength. Wait … – do we?

We all know that. Sometimes everyday life is just exhausting. Everything is important, everything has to be experienced, witnessed, shared, evaluated, but also organized and worked through. Life has become limitless, full of possibilities! Simply “switching off” was never that hard. If we are not currently pursuing a new professional challenge in life (because that’s what people nowadays do and this is how they call it), we’re working on dealing with different lifestyles, lifestyle products, and our health to become the best version of ourselves. At the same time, we watch others doing much cooler things than we do – and we also have to pull our straps due to environmental developments and also pay more attention to others and nature in this time… no wonder if you get dizzy.

So what is the solution to this troubled life?

We at INSTANCE are tired of always turning in circles and confounding breaks with the view of screens. Breaks refer to the quality time of life. Our customers are people like you and me. They come home in the evening, after a long day of work, effort, concentration, input, and comments – and they just want to come down somehow. Various CBD strains and medical cannabis are therefore no longer uncommon in everyday use. Most people consume something so that they can really relax. And no matter how much you like to roll it – you also have some time off – and the INSTANCE products are the highest chill instance for this moment, we promise.

We might have a simple and selfish reason to offer rolling papers and pre-rolled filter tips: in the past, we always wished that someone would give us such premium breaks for a little bit of loose cash, when we sat on the terrace for the first time in our lives – completely overworked and exhausted on a Friday evening – and put together a miserable joint from the cardboard of a cigarette box and rolling papers.

But not only that. A lot of people now have a high need for medical cannabis. We find it important to see the whole topic of cannabis THC / CBD etc. as something normal. After all, we also managed to consider tablets as normal when we feel bad.

The best thing about our products is that they are no products. They serve your personal moment. Because there is really no work for you to do here. No more cutting rectangular pieces out of newspaper covers and bus tickets and rolling them in – here come the red & ready INSTANCE super filter tips in our super fancy Baked Red, ready to go. It is extremely narrow and its casual Blow-W folding has a huge advantage over the S-folding of Raw or Elements, that is, you have no tobacco in your mouth! It also looks damn cool.

The bright white hemp paper of the Longpapes makes twisting particularly easy because it is tear-resistant and extremely thin. The original INSTANCE Longpapes have a subtle diamond structure, so you can not only enjoy smoking and inebriation but also the beautiful burndown quality of the papers. Moreover, our company provides an all in one package! Pre-rolled tips along with the rolling paper! You can BUY for yourself or can be a dealer.

Cigarette paper

If the spliff is on, then we imagine that you are exactly where you should be:
At the moment,

In your moment with friends, with yourself, after work, after all the input … never mind … because now nobody talks anymore.

Enjoy W and enjoy life,
with instance.

Blog entry # 1, freshly rolled up by Jacky Pott from our INSTANCE Editorial team

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