With the ever-increasing use of cannabis genus plants, people are getting more curious to know their options to try different relaxing agents within the legal boundaries. Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the main components of the hemp plant and interact with the endocannabinoid system but both have different effects on the human body. For starters, cannabis has a higher concentration of THC, and hemp has CBD in higher concentrations. THC is actually the main psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces that “high” sensation. People consume it through smoking cannabis but it comes in different forms like oil and edibles.

Chemical composition of THC

Both compounds are isomers of each other, having the same composition but different chemical arrangements of the atoms. Moreover, these are also similar to the body endocannabinoids and therefore, interact with the cannabinoid receptors. This interaction affects the, otherwise natural, release of neurotransmitters, a part of nervous system coordination that induces the sensation of pain, stress, sleep, and controls several other body functions. THC has a structure that interacts and binds with cannabinoid 1 receptors of the brain and produces a sense of euphoria or sedation.

Legalization of THC

As far as the legality of CBD and THC is concerned, each state and country has a different stand on this issue. In the United States of America, Drug Enforcement Administration and Food and Drug Administration still classify these as schedule 1 drugs and the states regulate the laws regarding its usage. The hemp is rendered legal if it contains THC amount equal to or below 0.3 %.

 Although its usage is legal in most of the states and countries YET It is recommended to research the state laws concerning this issue before buying hemp, because the other way round can lead you to face legal consequences. Moreover, THC has stronger restrictions as compare to CBD.

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Benefits of THC

Many of the benefits of CBD and THC overlap, especially regarding its relaxing effects. A distinctive feature is particularly the euphoria sensation that is caused by THC but isn’t associated with the effects of CBD. That is why some people prefer CBD over THC to avoid this side effect. Epidiolex, a medicine containing CBD, is an FDA approved drug against severe forms of epilepsy.

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But as far as THC is concerned, it is beneficial when it comes to relieving pain and nausea, muscle spasticity, easing migraine and depression, glaucoma, insomnia, psychosis, decreasing seizures,  increasing appetite, and many more. PTSD patients suffering from anxiety, depression, social isolation, agitation, and many more, are sometimes treated with the help of cannabis. Not to mention, psychiatrists have found it quite reliable and effective regarding PTSD patients.

The human body is a system where several biochemical reactions are taking place continuously, resulting in some reactive radicals which are quite fatal for the normal system if they are not taken care of. These free radicals can easily cause some serious issues like cancer. To keep these radicals at bay, our system has some natural antioxidants are present to tackle these radicals. THC is also a strong antioxidant and helps to keep the negative compounds away from the body’s biochemical systems.

Increasing appetite is especially useful in the case of recovering from HIV and cancer since the patients go through intense weight loss during the treatment of these diseases. The list doesn’t end here with THC benefits… it enhances the taste and flavor of the food, making it more appetizing. It interacts with some receptors of the master gland in the hypothalamus which releases a hormone “ghrelin”, which induces appetite and makes the food taste better.

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties along with senses enhancing abilities are also in the shining powers that this plant possesses. Moreover, depression, arthritis, aches, pains, and many more disorders are mostly caused by some inflammation. Being a good anti-inflammatory compound THC helps to mitigate these disorders or conditions. Like CBD, it is also a very good anticonvulsant and thus has the potential to be used in the medicines of seizure disorders i.e. epilepsy. Severe insomnia is also commonly and efficiently treated by THC.

Research also concluded that it is also a good bronchodilator, easing asthma attacks and COPD. Cannabis is also found to have considerable anti-cancer potential as it is an anti-tumor compound and restricts the formation of tumors. A Harvard researcher, Dr. Smith said,

“[Cannabis] does that apoptosis, that horrible word, that tells the cancer cell to go kill itself. It’s literally a key that turns a lock and tells the cell to kill itself,”

 One of the most cardinal use of THC is the alleviation of pain. It provides relief from physical pain and mental fatigue that accompanies it. In 2013, FDA –approved trials proved the effectiveness of THC in relieving pain. Results say that,

“A low dose of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol provided statistically significant 30% reductions in pain intensity when compared to placebo.”

But obviously, clinical research cannot be continued because it is classified as a schedule 1 category.

Not only this, FDA has approved a THC pill, commonly known as Marinol, that is used for the treatment of nausea and vomiting since the 1980s. This compound in this pill is synthetic and obviously doesn’t have a stronger effect as the natural one but still relieves the situation. Moreover, it is used with several other chemicals to make it more effective for the respective cause. It’s been used for the condition of nausea in children going through chemotherapy. Some Documents of research say that these medicines have quite fewer side effects as compare to other anti-nausea medicines.

A shocking advantage is, THC is neuroprotectant (protects brain cells). People having this compound in their system are found to be less likely to have a casualty by serious head injuries. Moreover, they also keep brain cells healthy.

Side effects

THC causes several side effects like increased heart rate, coordination problems, dry mouth, red eyes, slower reaction times, memory loss, anxiety. Moreover, it can also cause some psychiatric effects if used too much especially by an underage person.


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