About us

INSTANCE has recognized that true breaks are in short supply in this strenuous world with a hectic schedule.
Our Company is trying to provide the best quality filter tips and rolling papers in a wonderful package to let you relax for a while.

INSTANCE – your first instance to chill

Our products offer the highest possible comfort, coolest style, and the best smoking quality. As an example take our
pre-rolled tips, with the smallest diameter in the market. Not to mention, you can start right away thanks to it’s effective “W” folding. Our diamond-shaped, original rolling papers made from hemp paper not only burn down evenly but also come out really noble.

Our Story

In this hectic world with the ticking clock, flashing screens, and running time, one has to act and think
To be honest, we
all deserve some moments to lean back and take some time out, enjoy nature, meet friends, listen to some good music, and just let our thoughts roam free. That is why we have developed such products that we like ourselves. And when the time comes, there is nothing to do but enjoy the moment. Check out the instance blog section to get the insights.

Our Mission

We support relaxation in this fast-moving world.Stress, hectic pace, and restless routine are a thing of the past.

Enjoy W with INSTANCE.


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