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Get your premium quality rolling papers and Filter tips in one package! Because no matter how much you like to roll it, your highest instance to chill out should definitely be  INSTANCE.

INSTANCE – your first instance to chill

INSTANCE- rolling papers and Filter tips, values ​​the human need to tackle psychological burdens with the smoothest route. That’s why we have our BLOG section to convey a deeper understanding of life and particularly about its relaxation aspect.

Pre-rolled filter tips and Rolling papers:

With INSTANCE, breaks actually get premium!

Pre-Rolled INSTANCE Tips

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Our classic rolling papers and Pre-rolled INSTANCE tips in its original bright and shiny Baked Red package, have the narrowest diameter in the market, not to mention, with ideal filtering – thanks to the strong “W” folding! So your filter tips are not only stylish and stable, but also do not let tobacco go through. 

INSTANCE is the best mix for every single hit!

Original INSTANCE Papes

The original INSTANCE Papers, made of natural hemp paper with gallant diamond pattern, are our high-class product on the top. These rolling papers not only burn down evenly but also look really stylish.  Your INSTANCE set ideally combines 36 of our Pre-rolled INSTANCE tips which are premium filter tips with 36 original  INSTANCE rolling papers. So nothing stands in the way of your relaxed evening.
Enjoy W with INSTANCE.

Enjoy W with INSTANCE

Get a perfect ultimate package containing 36 INSTANCE Pre-rolled tips with 36 original INSTANCE rolling papers in a fairly reasonable price! Our W folding definitely worths a try!

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